Central to an effective response is the ability, once an incident has been correctly categorised, to ensure that the most appropriate resources are deployed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is need for an emergency response; indeed many ’incidents‘ can be dealt with in slower time thus making the most efficient use of resources with a consideration for public and officer safety and the potential for collaborative working with other partner agencies.

With a unique heritage in the provision of dispatch solutions across the emergency services Capita’s solutions bring together best practice to provide functionality for dispatch to support various operating models and, when integrated with an omni-channel communications platform, can provide:

Capita’s solutions maintain details of crew and officers, skills and duties combined with up to the second information about the location and status of the resources ensuring the most efficient and cost effective resource recommendations are made allowing the dispatchers to work smarter ensuring better response times.



Transforming Public Contact, Control Room & Incident Management operations with multi-channel communications and integrated data sources.

Vision 5

Integrated Command, Control and Communications in a single end-to-end platform for the Emergency Services.


The leading Integrated Communication Control System providing operator control and access to a host of subsystems.

Origin Duties Management

Comprehensive, flexible Duty Management with integrated mobile application providing remote access for officers and staff.


Data analysis to help manage demand and deliver effective and efficient response.


Innovation in analytical tools to enhance public safety response and operational processes.

Data Sharing

Efficient and effective operations is driven by the integration of multiple relevant data sources.

IoT Integration

Extending the level of integration to IoT to support public saftey and security in Smart and Safe Cities.