Fire Services are challenged with the need to provide more efficient service delivery including the support of front line operations through the use of more intuitive, sophisticated and relevant technology. The business case for technology should be focused on providing an end-to-end capability with integration between front line operations, duty management and seamless connectivity to back office systems.

Capita has been at the forefront of the provision of solutions to Fire Services in the UK and Overseas for many years.

With continued investment in new technology across its product portfolio the leading Control Room solutions, VISION Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and DS Integrated Communications and Control System (ICCS) have been integrated to create a single end-to-end Control Room solution - VISION DS. This approach is designed to offer fire services a more flexible, modular product offering with the capability to deploy CAD, ICCS or a combined solution to meet evolving Control Room requirements

As all the emergency services become closer and collaborative in both front-line and support operations Capita’s strategy for its products will foster deeper multi-agency collaboration, integration and data sharing