Integrated operational policing from Capita brings together market-leading products and services to provide a platform to support the transformation of public contact, response and investigative activity.

Capita has been a supplier of mission-critical solutions to law enforcement agencies for over 30 years and works closely with clients to support evolving operational requirements and future business needs in policing, namely; providing mobile access to data for responding officers, data sharing with partners and truly multi-channel, two-way communication links between the force and the public.

Capita’s portfolio directly addresses core policing needs to deliver a public-facing, locally-based, modern and intelligence-driven service. Capita’s products and services are proven to help reduce operational risk, deliver a better service to the public and increase the effectiveness of operations.

With a unique position as a supplier of solutions and services across the policing and justice sector Capita has developed and continues to invest in its integrated operational policing portfolio that, whether deployed as a single suite or as individual solutions, provides:

  • Multi-channel public contact and integrated communications
  • Incident and event management tools to inform the most appropriate response based on Threat, Harm and Risk assessment
  • A single POLE data store integrating operational policing processes
  • Secure storage and access controls to all digital evidence and media
  • Data sharing with partner agencies
  • Configurable workflow and decision making tools
  • A fully mobile-capable platform.