Capita have been at the forefront of the development and support of integrated Records Management Systems for over 30 years working closely with national and local organisations to deliver proven solutions to support day-to-day operational policing processes.

As part of our Integrated Operational Policing proposition, Records Management plays a key role in structuring and integrating data in such a way as to allow streamlined processes and workflows to operate from a single data store that is Person, Object, Location and Event (POLE) orientated to ensure integrity and validity of data avoiding, wherever possible, duplicate records.


PoliceWorks® Records Management

An enterprise operational policing platform designed to support all key business functions from a single application and a single POLE database.


A modular Records Management System supporting operational functions and business change.


Innovation in analytical tools to enhance public safety response and operational processes.

Data Sharing

Efficient and effective operations is driven by the integration of multiple relevant data sources.