Capita’s Vision 5 provides the complete Control Room solution combining high performance Command, Control and Communications with integrated mapping to enable operators to work more efficiently through an intuitive user interface in a single solution.

Vision 5 offers a central core element on to which additional modules and third‑party applications can be introduced and also provide full interoperability with back office and external systems. Vision 5 delivers a step change in improved user experience and in turn greater control room efficiency.

Key Operational Benefits

  • Integrated communications ‑ Through a single client interface full telephony, radio and data communications can be handled efficiently. Upgraded and ready for transition to the UK Emergency Services Network.
  • Improved response times ‑ The use of AVLS, dynamic mobilising and the monitoring of activation times assists in improving response.
  • Enhanced location awareness ‑ Embedded ability to use multiple different location-based tools, such as 999eye and What3Words, as well as a range of textual formats to ensure location accuracy.
  • Promoting incident visibility ‑ Enabling visibility of incidents to officers on mobile and connected devices.
  • Driving savings through more efficient use of resources ‑ Integration with all the major rostering, skills and asset management platforms.
  • Incident sharing ‑ Uses the Multi‑Agency Incident Transfer (MAIT) protocols to provide a flexible solution to support collaboration across agencies or as a shared platform.
  • Reduced voice traffic ‑ Through data integration reducing work load on the control room and reducing costs.
  • Greater utilisation of vehicles and asset management ‑ Driving savings through more efficient use of resources.
  • Portability ‑ Uses industry Standard hardware and operating software which can be simply implemented anywhere on the network supporting both central and distributed control rooms through flexible deployment.
  • Integrated mapping ‑ Fully integrated mapping provides extensive geo-centric capabilities without the need for a separate GIS.
  • Scope for collaboration ‑ Flexible solution supports multiple agencies and a shared platform.

BOSS Mobile

BOSS Mobile is a web ‑based application that is specifically designed for mobile devices that provides senior officers with up to date information on all ongoing incidents direct from the Vision 5 Control Room solution.

Key Features

  • Multi‑platform Application
  • Search for incidents from the VISION Database
  • Quickly view incidents assigned
  • Quickly view incidents by Command Area
  • Incident bookmarking allows user to bookmark an incident for quick viewing
  • View informed incidents and send response e.g proceeding, not proceeding
  • View and update current status
  • View incident details and narrative
  • View incident on map
  • Add narrative to an incident
  • Location visible on Vision 5
  • Encrypted user login system with back‑end accounts database
  • Mobile Administration tool for managing and creating accounts