Contact management – Improving efficiency and effectiveness in Cheshire

Capita supplies the ongoing service management and support of a Contact Management Solution for Cheshire Police Authority (CPA). Capita’s solution uses a combination of in house products and skills along with those of a number of sub-contractors. The solution is designed to meet the needs of the CPA, not just in the supply of equipment, but also as an integration platform to allow the service to improve year on year.

The solution allows the CPA to deliver emergency calls to any user across Cheshire. Under normal conditions these would be delivered to the Contact System Agents however, if all of these agents are busy then the calls may be overflowed to Deployment System users. The delivery of these emergency calls to the different users is accompanied by EISEC or ALSEC data allowing the call to be handled efficiently and effectively. These features are further supported with integration to the CPA’s Capita Command & Control (C&C) system.