Capita hosts interactive event at B-APCO 2015

Capita is offering a ‘hands-on’ experience of its range of communication and digital solutions to visitors of the B-APCO 2015 exhibition including the latest in integrated contact management and control room solutions that are being deployed by clients across the emergency services including London Fire Brigade. Visitors will also be able to see and participate in demonstrations of Capita’s latest portfolio including citizen engagement applications, body worn video, critical messaging and mobile data.

A video animation will also show how Capita’s solutions piece together information about a seemingly innocent house fire to provide a bigger picture for a multi-agency response. The animation illustrates how the technology supports operations by:

  • Automatically displaying relevant, historical information allowing call handlers to make better informed decisions.
  • Integrating incoming information from various channels including social media, text messages and body worn video with control room technology.
  • Providing frontline staff with access to vital information via mobile devices.
  • Allowing multiple agencies to securely share information and plan an approach both from the control room and while on the move.
  • Protecting the public and frontline staff in the most efficient way.
  • Securing the information to support investigations and prosecutions.

Paul Eggleton, managing director at Capita Communication and Control Solutions, said: “It’s important for emergency services and public safety agencies to be able to respond appropriately, communicate with each other and the public, exchange and securely store information, and report on incidents in a secure and efficient way. At this year’s B-APCO exhibition, we look forward to showcasing how our products can benefit organisations and how they can streamline their processes.”

Capita will also be hosting the following seminars and workshops at the show to explore the solutions available to overcome these challenges:

  • Investing in technology to drive future operational effectiveness – hear about the latest control room technologies that drive operational productivity and effectiveness.
  • SmartWorks: Enterprise Mobility platform for the future of policing – hear about Capita’s mobility platform for policing and how it is improving services and delivering change.
  • Digital Engagement: delivering channel shift in communications with the public – hear how Capita’s web and smartphone solutions can promote true channel shift in communications.

In addition to Capita’s own sessions, Capita staff will also be involved in discussions on warning and informing, from national to hyperlocal alerting, and will be talking on the use of video to support emergency service operations.

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Seminar details

Investing in technology to drive future operational effectiveness
Date: Tuesday 31 March 2015, 10:30am
Speakers: John Anthony MBE, programme director for Control & Mobilising Services at London Fire Brigade, and Matthew Palmer, product manager at Capita Control Room solutions

SmartWorks – Enterprise Mobility platform for the future of policing
Date: Tuesday 31 March 2015, lunch hour
Speaker: Jimmy Cockerton, business development at Capita Secure Mobile Solutions

Warning and informing – from macro to micro
Date: Tuesday 31 March 2015, 3.30pm
Speakers: David Barnes, CCS (Civil Contingencies Secretariat); Cathy Bishop, Onstar; Nigel Gray, Capita; ark Wood, Cell Broadcast; Steve Norris; and Rosanna Briggs, UK Warning & Informing Local Resilience Forum

Digital Engagement – delivering channel shift in communications with the public
Date: Wednesday 1 April 2015, lunch hour
Speaker: Paul Thain, business development manager at Capita Software Services

Video – the quiet revolution
Date: Wednesday 1 April 2015, 11am
Speaker: Bridie Douglas, Mason Advisory; Tom Edmonds, Capita; Ian Thompson, B-APCO; Chris Weigh, O2 Telefonica; Howard Papworth, Raimaker; Adrian Crowe, National Ambulance Resilience Unit; and Andy Cashmore, West Midlands Fire Service