Integrated Comms

New developments in the control room have made the way that the Emergency Services respond to the public significantly more efficient and effective.

  • Digital contact management systems ensure that callers don’t waste time repeating information because it can now be shared between different systems.
  • Accurate, topical information collected efficiently by the control room and delivered quickly to officers enables them to make insightful decisions at the scene and deliver a better public service.

Deploying the right technology has the capacity to change the way the Emergency Services operate and work in ever more efficient and effective ways to better manage their demand and control costs. The challenge is to ensure that this technology really does deliver on its promise by creating a better more ‘joined up’ service from a public perspective.

An omni-channel approach to integrated communications delivers the ‘Contact Hub’ to support all operations and allows collaboration with partners across multiple communication technologies – Telephony, TETRA, LTE – helping to drive community-based service provision and maintaining these links with personnel, partners and the public through the lifecycle of an incident or service request.