Capita’s latest mapping capabilities have been extended to offer both traditional Control Room clients and other sectors either an integrated solution or a standalone, flexible mapping platform.

Built on GeoServer / Open Layers / JavaScript / Chrome (CEF#) the platform can also be cloud deployed on Microsoft’s Azure. It uses global and regional coordinate systems from around the world switching automatically between different systems and delivering them to the user in one seamless mapping platform.

The platform allows client users to load and configure interactive overlays using local or remote data sources. Alongside road networks, buildings, terrain and satellite imagery the platform offers data loaders for:

  • Location Services and Tracking, including airborne assets
  • Interactive Road Network
  • Met Office Weather
    • Air & sea temperature
    • Wind direction & speed
    • Rainfall radar
    • Extreme phenomena e.g lightning strikes
    • Local airport reports
  • UK National Air Traffic System
    • Restricted air space
    • Notices to Airmen
  • Plume/Smoke information
  • Military Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File data

A wide range of user functions are delivered by the platform including:

  • Map navigation
  • Add, hide, remove & dynamically configure icons / pins
  • Bearing & triangulation tools
  • Caller location using EISEC / Push Moli (when used in conjunction with integrated communications)
  • Alerting & coverage areas
  • Drawing tools
  • History – last 10 map centres / zooms
  • Asset proposals with travel times and waypoints