Public Contact

Harnessing new digital technology to allow the public to access services without necessarily making a voice call is an imperative. Self-service smartphone apps, portals and the use of the latest ChatBot technologies can help the public access many services directly and capture a level of data that can be used to analyse the requirements and, where appropriate, forward the request to other partners or on to an operator for further action as well as providing a level of real-time situational awareness to help inform a proportionate response.

Capita has developed the ControlWorks® suite to provide that single information and communication hub to support voice and non-voice contact with the public and provide the best available information to the right resources to effect the best response to the request for assistance.

A key module in this suite is ControlWorks® Contact; designed to be deployed and integrated with other products or as part of any overall ControlWorks® solution. Interfacing to telephony services as well as social media and email, ControlWorks® Contact manages all aspects of the contact history in a single Record of Contact.

The Record of Contact integrates with supporting intelligence and national databases as well as providing immediate information on previous contacts to the call handler, scripting and warnings and the ability to initiate both emergency and non-emergency response based on the caller’s needs and the information gathered.