Emergency & Critical Services

Emergency and Critical Service organisations are currently facing an unenviable challenge; trying to improve service and public confidence at a time when the threat of terrorism remains high, and public scrutiny is at its most intense.

Never before has value for money been so important.

Capita has been supporting Public Safety for over 35 years. Today, we specialise in Communications and Command and Control Solutions with a strong focus on providing agencies with the means to manage operations to optimum levels resulting in improved performance and greater public satisfaction in their services.

The future for Public Safety is driven by interoperability and collaboration within Services and across agencies changing the way our clients deliver services. Capita lives and breathes these initiatives and has enhanced and developed its core products and services to help support both new and existing clients to achieve this.

Capita’s solutions will support our clients in whichever direction they choose with flexible commercial models, flexible and modular deployments and a deep knowledge of business process - from Contact Management and Control Room operations to mobility, agile working and support services to ensure the frontline remains effective and efficient.