Transport Agencies

Over the last decade Capita’s leading communications and control solutions have played a key role in safeguarding key transport infrastructure in the UK; in support of planned major events such as the 2012 Olympics and in response to major incidents such as the 2005 London bombings.

Key to the solutions used has been their ability to scale to national deployments, deploy across regional control centres and to interface with specialist communication and information services. Alongside Capita’s 24/7 service our solutions provide mission-critical support to key public services across the transport network.

British Transport Police (BTP) is a truly national Police Force responsible for Policing across the UK’s rail network as well as London Underground and other metro and tram services in major cities. Since 2003 BTP has made use of Capita’s Integrated Control Room solutions to connect 4,000 officers nationally to integrated radio and telephony communications and incident management through Command and Control. Capita also supply mobile devices connect to Command and Control to allow for mobile data searches, incident updates and reporting.

The Highways Agency (HA) is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport (DfT), and is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the strategic road network in England on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport include the monitoring, management and safety of the roads and road users.

Any incident on the national network, provided injury or criminality is not involved, is now managed by the Agency, from the clearing of carriageway debris to responding to motorists’ calls from the emergency roadside telephone system.

Capita delivered the ICT elements of the HA’s transformation programme and now supports them;

  • A national Command and Control solution including call handling, dispatch and incident management with interagency data exchange and communications
  • A national Airwave Radio Managed Service
  • Mobile Data solutions