A truly multi-channel communications platform

New developments in the control room have made the way that the Emergency Services respond to the public significantly more efficient and effective.

  • Digital contact management systems ensure that callers don’t waste time repeating information because it can now be shared between different systems.
  • Accurate, topical information collected efficiently by the control room and delivered quickly to officers enables them to make insightful decisions at the scene and deliver a better public service.

Capita have been at the forefront of Emergency Service communications since the advent of digital radio networks in the early 1990’s and this experience and knowledge has allowed us to remain there with the development of the ControlWorks™ contact management and communications hub.

As part of this suite CommsWorks™ builds on our extensive experience to deliver a single, integrated platform for multi-channel communications to prepare our clients for the technological changes that are coming with next generation networks, social media and non-voice contact whilst providing a solution to manage the transition ensuring continuity of service, organisational flexibility and reduced risk.

Key Benefits

CommsWorks will deliver geographically independent communications – enhanced ability to deliver DR, mobility, agility and collaboration.

CommsWorks will deliver a multi-channel range of voice, data and textual communications for staff and public

CommsWorks will deliver one click deployment on any connected Windows client supporting greater organisational agility

CommsWorks will deliver a low risk, flexible solution providing a platform for the future – integrating to ESN will be far simpler than with existing control room technology.

CommsWorks will deliver greater flexibility in screen layout and design based on user role

CommsWorks will deliver reduced hardware and installation costs on existing infrastructure

CommsWorks will deliver capabilities to use communication networks more efficiently and support changes in working practices and organisation

CommsWorks will deliver interoperability and collaborative working.

CommsWorks will deliver lower total cost of ownership in comparison to the separate systems it will replace

CommsWorks will deliver an evolving roadmap alongside ControlWorks™