Coordinate, collaborate, and communicate for faster and better informed decision making and resource deployment.

Capita's ControlWorks® is a next-generation control room and contact centre solution which puts transformation within grasp. It provides seamless interoperability with back office and other external systems to provide a major step-change in control room efficiency.

Operators are no longer desk-bound in a fixed control room location - any connected device that has access to the Force's network can perform any ControlWorks® role including call taking and incident management.

  • Clear and intuitive user interface - instant visibility of resources and their location; integrates with existing technologies to drive one view of the truth regardless of which databases or knowledge repositories hold the information. It puts frontline officers immediately in the picture and can be up and running with virtually no disruption to current systems and procedures.
  • Using technology you already have - ControlWorks® uses latest products from Microsoft, and current techniques for user interface development
  • Maximise collaboration - ControlWorks® can be deployed and used in an environment which promotes and maximises collaboration between other emergency responders and partner agencies. A ControlWorks® client could also be deployed at a partner agency if required to increase interoperability.
  • Product suite flexibility - ControlWorks® combines the functionality of ICCS, CAD, Mapping and Contact Management, and can be deployed in Contact Centres, Control Rooms, Front Desks or Mobile Operations. Any ControlWorks® client can perform any role.
  • A modular, scalable solution - ControlWorks® can be deployed as a modular system that meets the evolving operational needs of the UK Public Safety agencies with each major module deployable independently and able to be built on as the requirements change.

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