As the Emergency Services and other agencies begin to plan for the transition to the new Emergency Services Network (ESN) Capita is working closely with our clients in all sectors to ensure that their Control Room infrastructure and solutions are compatible, compliant and ESNReady™ in advance of the transition programme.

The ESN is being procured by the UK Home Office as a replacement for the current Airwave secure radio network with an extensive programme designed to:

  • Design, build, and test the critical public safety functionality
  • Enhance a commercial mobile network with the requisite resilience and prioritisation of 3ES communications
  • Provide different types of mobile communication devices
  • Support operation of business applications
  • Provide national air to ground coverage
  • Support transition to ESN:
    • Programme management, integration and reporting
    • Reference designs for installing ESN devices in vehicles
    • Training Needs Analysis and Train the Trainer services
  • Enable integration between Airwave and ESN in transition

Capita’s portfolio of products and services from Control Rooms to device management and vehicle installations will be at the core of the supporting programmes to enable integration and transition.

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